Contactless & Off-premise Solution Packages

While there’s no industry untouched by the unprecedented impact that COVID-19 is having on the economy, hospitality is facing unique challenges. Squirrel only services the restaurant & hospitality industry, and the pain felt by our customers is our pain as well.

We are looking at options to try and share the load with you, our partners, and the industry as a whole. We are all in this together. Our primary concern is keeping as many of our customers operational while we maintain our operational ability to support you. For these solutions we’ve waived implementation and setup fees as have our partners. Each package has additional relief fee structures outlined in the details.

Squirrel Restaurant Starter Bundle
A Complete Restaurant POS Solution

Powered by the same POS software and restaurant technology used by the best restaurants – from independently-owned to chains across North America, the Squirrel Restaurant Starter Bundle has all the capabilities to succeed off-premise and in the dining room.


  • 15” Windows hospitality-grade host hardware
  • Network router
  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt printer
  • Kitchen printer
  • 1-year next-business-day Squirrel terminal replacement*

Optional Hardware

  • iPad tablet for servers to take orders tableside or on a patio
  • 14” Hospitality-grade client terminal


  • Squirrel host and terminal license
  • Integrated QR Code mobile payments
  • Life-time software and security upgrades
  • Proactive protection and support of your system from our 24/7/365 North American support team
  • Online Ordering (5% per online order transaction)
  • Time & attendance (Basic labor)
  • Easy-to-set-up takeout module
  • Extensive seat management and cheque splitting
  • Flexible menu management
  • Robust FOH and BOH reporting
  • Unlimited access to customer portal
  • SmartWatch proactive system monitoring
  • DataStore cloud-based backup storage
  • Anti-Virus protection
  • Remote browser – manage your menus and run reports on any PC on premise


  • Up to 4 hours of live remote menu review
  • 4 hours of manager training
  • 4 hours of Live Support for one lunch-meal period
  • Unlimited access to Learning Management System Training Portal


  • E-gift card and loyalty – reward your best customers
  • QR Code on Check – add QR code on the check for payments
  • Online reservation – help you create the best guest
    experience by managing capacity with ease.
  • Inventory control – track your food costs and volume to
    adapt to the changing customer volume.
  • Kitchen Display – bring greater efficiency to both FOH
    and BOH.

Squirrel & Chowly Omnichannel Integration
Manage Delivery Orders and Menus in Squirrel

Squirrel & Chowly are pleased to announce a new solution for hospitality businesses looking to manage delivery platforms, including Doordash, UberEats, Grubhub, and many more.

This offering allows customers to take orders from third-party delivery services directly into their Squirrel POS. This integration resolves many of the most common challenges proprietors face with third-party delivery (3PD)

Common Challenges with 3PD

  • Manual entry of orders into POS is error-prone.
  • Each digital ordering channel requires a separate menu.
  • Menu or pricing changes can be extremely time consuming.
  • Out of stock items need be updated in each platform.

Simplify Operations

  • Manage one menu in Squirrel POS.
  • Changes are automatically pushed to all online platforms.
  • When a menu item is out of stock, all 3PD platforms are updated automatically.
  • All 3PD platforms are notified if the kitchen is backed up.

Save Money

  • No more dedicated staff to enter orders into POS, align your work force to revenue generating activities.
  • Reduce lost revenue or costs due to mistakes. Up to 15% of online orders contain avoidable errors or quality issues.

Stay Informed

  • Ensure accurate payout to each 3PD vendor.
  • Real-time sales tracking to see which service performs best.

Online Ordering, Gift Cards, & Loyalty
Squirrel, Tacit, & DataCandy

Tacit, DataCandy, & Squirrel have partnered to provide a comprehensive solution that reduces the cost of operating an omni-channel restaurant and lets build a direct relationship with its customers. Includes branded online ordering, payment, loyalty, and optional integrations with 3rd party delivery services.

This solution enables hospitality providers to:

  • Accept online orders from a branded website as well as option for mobile app.
  • Keep menu in sync between Squirrel POS with all channels including online ordering & delivery.
  • Process Gift Cards, run loyalty programs and e-mail marketing programs.

Tacit, DataCandy and Squirrel have agreed to the following package offer for online ordering, gift and/or loyalty services.

  • All implementation and setup fees, and monthly service fees are deferred for 60 days.
  • Monthly services are $120 /month per location (50% discount from list) (normally $2,420 / year).
  • Optional integration with delivery services such as UberEats and/or DoorDash.
  • Setup of a Branded online ordering site.
  • Option for branded mobile app.
  • 12-month minimum contract term.

Online Ordering Bundle
Squirrel & Eigen xDine

This solution from Squirrel and Eigen allows customers to quickly implement online ordering and payment with a branded ordering solution integrated with Squirrel.

This solution:

  • Reads the menu directly from Squirrel.
  • Pushes orders directly into Squirrel.
  • Allows orders to be scheduled based on capacity.
  • Takes payment online.

Eigen and Squirrel have agreed to the following pricing:

  • All setup fees from both Squirrel and Eigen are waived.
  • Squirrel’s integration gateway annual fee will be waived.
  • Eigen monthly fee has been changed to a percentage of check fee to ensure no cost to the restaurant (merchant) unless orders are being taken.

Off-premise Order Management
Squirrel & QSR Automations

Squirrel strategic partner QSR Automations has announced ConnectSmart Go, which enables ConnectSmart Kitchen customers to manage and streamline off-premise orders in one centralized, easy-to-use platform. ConnectSmart Go automates off-premise orders providing an at-a-glance view of orders coming in and going out based on real-time activity inside the kitchen.

This joint solution allows establishments to:

  • Easily view all off-premise orders at-a-glance.
  • Provide SMS capabilities that allow for contactless pickup and delivery.
  • Receive order status updates and alerts when orders are packed and ready.
  • Quickly send updates to the kitchen in real-time.
  • Mark guests and delivery drivers as “arrived” and automatically notify BOH staff via CSK screens.
  • Release, fast track, and cancel orders from the ConnectSmart Go app without stepping foot into the kitchen.
  • Track and report on every data point.

Squirrel and QSR are making ConnectSmart Go free now until the end of the pandemic. With no implementation or setup fees, ConnectSmart Go can typically be up and running in 24 hours. Read more about the solution.

Virtual Kiosk Ordering
Squirrel & Ready

Virtual kiosk ordering enables guests to view your menu, order, and pay for their food on their mobile devices by scanning a store-specific QR code. The QR code can be printed on a window sign, or on a menu stand outside the restaurant. This offer does not require the user to install an app; guests can simply scan the restaurant’s QR code with the camera app to pull up the menu to browse, order, and pay for their food. Guests do not need to enter the restaurant to pay and can pay directly from their phone – enabling the most sanitary, contact-free experience.

How it works:

  • Ready interface reads the menu from Squirrel. No complex menu building required.
  • Restaurant will need to place the QR code or designated URL at a desired physical or online location e.g. at the outside of the restaurant, social media, etc.
  • Guest can scan the QR code, tap the NFC on premise, or use a designated URL to view the menu, order and pay directly from their phone.
  • Orders are pushed directly into Squirrel.
  • Guest can place orders for immediate pick-up.
  • Restaurant can modify confirmation field to include guest’s phone number, email, name, car type for curbside pickup, etc. for easier pick up.
  • When the order is ready, the restaurant can contact the guest via the field mentioned above.

Ready and Squirrel are offering the following:

  • All setup fees (incl. Gateway fees) from both Squirrel and Ready are waived.
  • All monthly Ready fees are waived for 60 days.
  • Restaurants (merchants) pay a 5% fee per transaction to Ready (which includes the processing fees – either via Stripe or Ready).

Learn more about Squirrel & Ready.

Mobile Payments & Curbside Pickup
Squirrel & Elavon

As restaurants reopen, curbside pickup and contactless payment methods are essential for safeguarding your employees and guests. We’re here for you. In partnership with Squirrel, we are waiving fees for mobile device rental or purchase to help you get back up and running quickly.

Program Details:

  • Awarding-winning payment gateway – no fees for 90 days.
  • No device fees during initial 90 days, normal device billing would follow.
  • Free account integration setup.
  • Processing fees will be the same or lower than your current rate.
  • Integrated EMV/contactless PIN pad options.
  • Flexible rental and purchase programs.

In the midst of the noise and distractions, Elavon and U.S. Bank continue to bring you best-in-class solutions and unmatched financial stability. Rest assured we can help you navigate what business looks like now and might look like in the future.

Contactless Payment – Shift4
Squirrel & Shift4

Squirrel and Shift4 are offering a contactless payment solution for take-out/curbside operations that incorporates wireless tap & pay devices allowing establishments to quickly get up and running with contactless payment for off-premise service.

How it works:

  • Free wireless payment devices that are shipped within 48hrs.
  • No gateway fees.
  • All implementation and setup fees are waived.
  • Processing fees will be the same or lower than the your current rate.
  • Monthly device service fees are waived for 90 days.
  • Contract term: 30-day trial followed by 3-year contract term.

Learn more about Shift 4 Skytab (PDF 700KB)


Let Us Help

As different markets start to re-open we understand that the recovery will take some time. The packages listed here are tailored to get you up and running as quickly as possible with no upfront costs. Please reach out if you believe one of these solutions would help your business.