The Best Deal to Upgrade to the Best Squirrel

Dec 17, 2020 | Contactless Dining, Technology

Do you need online ordering? Contactless payment? Better management of takeout and delivery orders?

Like many other Squirrel customers in today’s environment, you are probably looking forward to the future and planning how to optimize your business to succeed. We’d like to help you do just that with our Squirrel 11 upgrade offer.

Success now depends on going off-premise with mobile online ordering, attracting repeat customers with loyalty, and giving guests the convenience and safety of contactless payments.

We’ve recently helped many customers build capabilities in off-premise and low contact dining:

  • Enhance takeout and delivery service with features like deferred ordering and omnichannel order management
  • Implement online ordering and payments with POS integration
  • Expand patio and floor operations with Mobility options
  • Keep guests safer with contactless and mobile payment & ordering
  • Maintain the relationship with Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards

Upgrade to Squirrel 11 today and get the best digital ordering and contactless payment solutions.

We know that cost is a factor in making these decisions. To help, we have teamed up with our online ordering and payment partners to make it easy for everyone to get Squirrel 11 and the best digital ordering, takeout, and contactless payment capabilities that come with it.

Order your upgrade by June 31, 2021 and receive*:

  • FREE on-site installation of new host PC with Squirrel 11
  • FREE setup of EMV payment devices
  • FREE setup of online ordering
  • New contactless payment devices for your guests
  • 35% off Squirrel POS terminal workstations (if required)

Your Squirrel salesperson will assist in doing a review of your site and provide details on your upgrade.

* Some conditions apply. Customers must sign up with one of our preferred payment partners to receive promotional pricing. Additional charges may be required for, but not limited to: onsite training, support and or travel, certification of any custom integrations, reports or extensions, and multi-site project management fees.