Contactless Payment for Restaurants

May 22, 2020 | Contactless Dining, Technology

Contactless payment for restaurants is not a new technology. However, with the recent impact of COVID-19 and the focus on sanitary practices, more and more establishments in the US are realizing it’s a necessary addition to their service models.

Contactless payment is one aspect of the modern payment technologies that many food & beverage operations are exploring to extend their capabilities. Initially developed for convenience, the ability for customers to tap a card or their mobile device is desirable by 87% of guests returning to dine-in service. For 44%, it’s a requirement. Card Tap to Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are capabilities guests will demand.

87% of Guests Prefer a Contactless Payment Option

Data & Visualization Courtesy of Datassentials.

At Squirrel, we’ve been enabling restaurants, bars, hotels, and others with EMV & contactless payment capabilities for over a decade. While guests may also want the availability of paying online or with their mobile device, wireless tap payment devices are an accessible way to support sanitary payment options for the dining room, curbside pickup, and 1st party delivery.

We’ve put together a comparison of some of the options offered by Squirrel and our partners.

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