Squirrel & Chowly Solution

Nov 9, 2020 | Contactless Dining, Technology

Squirrel & Chowly

Squirrel & Chowly Partnership

Squirrel & Chowly are pleased to announce a new solution for hospitality businesses looking to manage delivery platforms, including Doordash, UberEats, Grubhub, and many more.

This new offering allows customers to take orders from third-party delivery services directly into their Squirrel POS. This integration resolves many of the most common challenges proprietors face with third-party delivery (3PD):

  • Manual entry of orders into POS is error-prone.
  • Each digital ordering channel requires a separate menu.
  • Menu or pricing changes can be extremely time consuming.
  • Out of stock items need be updated in each platform.

Simplify Operations

  • Manage one menu in Squirrel POS.
  • Changes are automatically pushed to all online platforms.
  • When a menu item is out of stock, all 3PD platforms are updated automatically.
  • All 3PD platforms are notified if the kitchen is backed up.

Save Money

  • No more dedicated staff to enter orders into POS, align your work force to revenue generating activities.
  • Reduce lost revenue or costs due to mistakes. Up to 15% of online orders contain avoidable errors or quality issues.

Stay Informed

  • Ensure accurate payout to each 3PD vendor.
  • Real-time sales tracking to see which service performs best.

Let’s have a conversation about how Squirrel and Chowly can help accelerate your business.


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