Chefs in a kitchen with Squirrel point of sale system in the foreground.


With Squirrel you get access to a partner ecosystem and integration expertise that is second to none in the industry.

Whatever the priority—adding a new delivery and take-out service, moving to a new accounting solution, bringing in an inventory control system, or implementing online ordering and self-serve kiosks—we are pre-integrated with the hospitality industry’s best.


QSR set out in 1996 to accomplish one goal: to help restaurants perform better. With restaurant technology like reliable, intuitive software, hearty hardware, and customized solutions, we’ve been helping create smarter restaurants for over 20 years. We provide guest management, kitchen automation, hardware, and support solutions.

software for managing and forecasting f&b costs

The back office is where it all happens. It is where you control or don’t control food and beverage costs. Managing and forecasting F&B costs is one of the quintessential tasks of making a restaurant profitable. It can make or break a restaurant. Compeat Inventory does it all for you. All fully integrated with Compeat Accounting- so you enter data only once.

laptop with image of a restaurant management software report

Optimum Control is easy-to-use software and apps designed just for restaurant management.

We offer the best products for restaurant owners looking to maximize profits with effective inventory management. With built in food costing software, recipe cost calculators, recipe management, ordering and purchasing apps, scheduling software and more, you can easily optimize your restaurant inventory management system to cut costs, boost profits and save hours of time.

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