A Best of Breed Ecosystem

With Squirrel you get access to a partner ecosystem and integration expertise that is second to none in the industry.

Whatever the priority—adding a new delivery and take-out service, moving to a new accounting solution, bringing in an inventory control system, or implementing online ordering and self-serve kiosks—we are pre-integrated with the hospitality industry’s best.

A Wide-Range of Integrations

At Squirrel we’re proud of our partnerships. Our Alliance partners provide key solutions that in some cases are sold & supported by Squirrel. Our Preferred partners are tightly integrated with our POS and we combine well into an overall solution with other integrations, and our Technology partners have helped us build bridges across the ecosystem.

Don’t see your preferred solution?

We work with some of the finest hospitality technology providers in the industry. If you don’t see the solution or you’d like to know more about our integrations let us know.

Interested in partnering with Squirrel?

Looking to add the depth of a Squirrel integration to your offering? Reach out and we can see how together we can help customers create amazing guest experiences.




Take control of your Third-Party marketplaces. Chowly connects the world of online ordering directly to the heartbeat of your restaurant: the POS System.


Create a seamless online ordering experience with xDine™’s simplified operations and integration technology. xDine™ has been designed with the utmost consideration for restaurant operations and consumer habits, removing friction from the ordering process at every step of the way.


Your guests can order and pay anytime, whether they are sitting at the table, or they want take-out or delivery. All maegan™ orders will go directly into your current Point of Sales systems. Manage rush hour with fewer errors, lower costs and no guests left waiting.



Expand the footprint of your restaurant with our mobile ordering app. Guests can order directly to your POS in advance or To-Go directly inside this guest-facing mobile app. And it is directly integrated to the POS.


Reliable, fast, and secure digital ordering solutions for multi-location restaurants. Seamlessly synced with your operations, systems, and brand.


Onosys is a fully customizable digital ordering platform for restaurant chains that provides restaurants unparalleled flexibility and customization to deliver their unique ordering experiences digitally.


Tap into more sales with our online and mobile ordering solutions. Specially designed for multi-unit restaurants, our platform delivers a consistent experience for every customer, every time, regardless of channel or device. And because we integrate with most major POS systems, getting started is an operational breeze.



Elavon is the innovative, secure, and global partner for your payment processing needs, whether you do business online, mobile, or in-person. For more than 25 years, Elavon has been a leader in payment processing, leveraging the world’s best technologies for our partners from large worldwide enterprises, to locally owned small businesses.


PayFacto is a leading payment solutions provider with offices in Canada, the United States and Asia-Pacific region. Recognized for our expertise, agility and quality of execution, we meet the operational needs of large and small customers nationally and internationally by enabling them to achieve their business objectives in a more efficient and affordable way.

Shift 4 Payments

Our flagship offering gives you the best of both worlds: full payment processing with merchant services AND our secure payment gateway. Merchants and ISVs can save time and money by getting all their payment processing services directly from Shift4.



Cayan™ is the leading provider of payment technologies. From intuitive and reliable credit card processing to integrated customer engagement solutions, Cayan is continually developing new ways for businesses to unlock the power of payments.


Posera has been a leading provider of hospitality technology for more than 30 years. It manages merchant transactions with consumers and facilitates all aspects of the payment transaction.


Ready connects people straight to their meal or beverage order on their phone, wherever they’re seated, eliminating any potential frustration for your guests as they wait on the cheque and enabling them to view and split the check with their phone, order for delivery and pay straight away and skip any queue by paying for express pickup. Integrated with Squirrel, Ready is suited to restaurants, stadiums & hotels, and QSR’s, cinemas or other large format venues.

Soft Point

A seamless and secure payment processing platform for your PoS. Improve table turn and protect your customers. A suite of security tools embedded into your PCI & Point to Point Encrypted EMV payment terminal that offers savings and new ways of taking payments securely.

Table Safe

TableSafe allows the guest the freedom to pay, tip and complete the payment process directly from their table when and how they choose. This enables the server to focus on their dining guests, increasing incremental sales and enhancing the overall dining experience.


Worldpay and Squirrel have been partners since 2007 delivering payment solutions to hospitality customers throughout North America. At Worldpay, we’re on a mission to fuel smarter commerce. Few, if any, can match our expertise and experience in this space. It’s why our approach to taking, making and managing payments is trusted by over a million businesses worldwide.



DataCandy started out in 2002 as a small tech company whose software was used at only a few hundred locations. Today, we’ve grown into one of the leading gift card and loyalty solution providers in Canada and the U.S. and are trusted by thousands of retail and restaurant locations.



Our team specializes in the design, production, implementation, and distribution of pre-designed and custom cards. We provide a full range of ancillary marketing products and services, card fulfillment, e-gift card options, and re-order assistance. We enable ISO partners and merchants to create the most effective gift card and loyalty programs to increase sales and profit, and reduce attrition.


Convert occasional guests to loyal guests. Cultivate authentic guest loyalty through intelligent insight, personalized guest offers, and flexible program design.


Accelerate your ability to acquire new customers cost effectively. Utilize proven tools like Gift Cards and E-Gift, to more advanced customer incentive campaigns, and track their success in real-time. Improve your ability to retain your most profitable customers, while increasing loyalty with your more casual customers.

Pay Tronix

Thank guests for buying more. This proven customer loyalty solution has the greatest availability, the most high-impact features, and the best integrations with POS and ordering platforms. Everything has been designed to help you use guest insights to drive sales.

Plastic Resource

We’ve provided businesses like yours with custom printed plastic solutions for more than 20 years. All of our custom cards and key tags include quick turnaround, free card design, free shipping, and are made in the U.S.A. Our line of custom gift cards, key tags, and carriers is ready to meet all of your promotional […]


Punchh is a leader in innovative digital marketing products for physical retailers, combining AI and machine learning technologies, mobile-first expertise, and omnichannel communications designed to dramatically increase customer lifetime value.

The Customer Connection

Leaders in the implementation of Loyalty, Birthday and Gift Card programs. We start each one of our proven programs by listening to our clients needs and unique issues. From there we: design, implement, track, and refine each element to harness the maximum possible result.


We started uBrand to help companies succeed in the world of mobile applications. We know when your customers are happy, your brand is happy. Whether you are interested in offering secure payment options, loyalty and rewards programs or in-app purchases, we are committed to serving you with superior functioning and dedicated support you can count […]



Managing labor costs and ensuring you are compliant with all the relevant government agencies is essential to running a profitable restaurant. We have combined everything you need inside our Labor product. It starts with all your up-to-date employee records in one place- and that includes certifications and expirations dates. Then we interface with your POS […]


Data Central

The average restaurant operator makes over 100 decisions each day. They are constantly assessing situations, defining solutions, and taking actions to drive profitable operations. Enterprise Analytics provides the tools that operators need to visualize data, pinpoint opportunities, and proactively manage restaurant operations. It can be used to quickly check your daily sales figures, benchmark units […]


Labor and food are the two most expensive cost centers for a restaurant. Easily forecast across labor and inventory to effectively measure and manage your two biggest cost centers with more precision and predictability. Learn more about how HotSchedules can help you optimize your labor and save on costs.



Ctuit Radar has provided thousands of restaurant operators visibility into their operation and data at their fingertips for over 19 years. In 2017 Compeat, the leading provider of integrated restaurant accounting, back office, and workforce software, acquired Ctuit uniting two restaurant management software leaders. The powerful Ctuit Radar tool continues its legacy as Compeat’s core […]


Restaurant Magic

One of the keys to managing a profitable restaurant is having access to timely information. This access allows managers to properly schedule shifts, manage inventory, and identify potential challenges for their business. As restaurants add units this data can become difficult to obtain, reducing the ability for a manager to make proactive decisions. Enterprise Reporting […]



Count inventory, assets and forecast alcohol and food costs. Manage your entire back office with Inventory Control, Recipe Analysis, Menu Costing and actual vs. theoretical inventory analytics. We do it all so you don’t have to. Compeat Inventory works online and offline so go ahead and do inventory in the freezer with an iPad. Your […]

Optimum Control

Optimum Control is easy-to-use software and apps designed just for restaurant management. We offer the best products for restaurant owners looking to maximize profits with effective inventory management. With built in food costing software, recipe cost calculators, recipe management, ordering and purchasing apps, scheduling software and more, you can easily optimize your restaurant inventory management […]


Yellow Dog Software

Yellow Dog Software offers you a complete food and beverage inventory management system that works seamlessly with the leading point of sale systems in the hospitality industry. Whether you are a single location, a multi-store chain, or commissary operation, our system can be scaled and configured to meet you specific needs.



From procurement to POS and back. Enterprise E-procurement & Inventory Control for Retail and F&B. The DataWorks enterprise back-office e-procurement and inventory management system gives you a complete picture of your business, from planning to purchase orders to payments with a seamless interface. DataWorks makes it easy to manage, track and report on your sales […]

Food Trak

The FOOD-TRAK® System is one of the world’s first to specialize in the field of food and beverage management automation. Our narrow specialization and large client base has resulted in a level of software sophistication and consulting expertise unrivaled in the industry. With over 10,000 clients in more than 18 countries, our success has been […]

Restaurant 365

Restaurant365 is a cloud-based, restaurant-specific accounting and operations platform that’s fully integrated with your POS system, payroll vendor, food and beverage vendors, and bank. Everything you need to operate your restaurant business lives in the same system, so you can make your restaurant operations more efficient, and ultimately more profitable.

Oracle Opera

At the core of the OPERA Enterprise Solution is the OPERA Property Management System (PMS). Designed to meet the varied requirements of any size property or property chain, OPERA PMS provides the tools to help you run your operation at a greater level of productivity and profitability than ever before.

RoomKey PMS

RoomKeyPMS is cloud-powered software that lets you run your hotel while tracking every detail, and connecting to hospitality systems. We’re here to make hotel management simpler.


Chances are you already know a property that uses WebRezPro. Our PCI-compliant property management system is trusted by 1400+ properties in 40+ countries around the globe. Visit our client map to see the hotels, campgrounds, hostels and vacation rentals that have moved to the cloud with WebRezPro.


QSR Automations

QSR Automations, headquartered in Louisville, KY with offices in the United Kingdom, is a global industry leader in kitchen automation and guest management services. Since 1996, restaurant operators have turned to the brand’s signature platform, ConnectSmart®, for customized solutions to improve the guest experience and drive operational excellence. Used in 22 of the nation’s top 25 casual dining chains, ConnectSmart® leverages data to create customized solutions that make calmer kitchens, simpler workflows, and happier guests.