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Visit Us at Booth #1035 | April 8 – 10, 2024 | Enercare Centre, Toronto

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The Best Full-Service Restaurants use Squirrel’s Point-of-Sale to bring the industry’s best restaurant technology to power the guest experience from table to curbside, and beyond.

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CONNECT with a Squirrel Restaurant Expert

Set up a time to meet a Squirrel Expert and learn more about how we can help your restaurant.

LEARN more about Squirrel’s POS Solutions

Explore the latest Point-of-Sale Solutions from Squirrel Systems to streamline operations and create an amazing guest experience – whether you are multi-unit chain or single location independent restaurant.

EXPERIENCE Squirrel Cloud POS for Full Service Restaurants

Our mobile-first, 100% cloud-based Point-of-Sale is designed to make it easier than ever to take orders & manage full-service restaurants.

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Squirrel Restaurants Canada Show Partners

Reach more customers through online ordering

Squirrel and Eigen xDine provide a comprehensive digital ordering solution that includes online ordering, QR code ordering & payment, digital gift card support, 3rd Party Marketplace integration and much more.

Bring back more guests, and repeat customers with gift card & loyalty

Squirrel and Paystone/DataCandy help operators increase revenues, attract new guests, increase repeat visits, and drive daily and seasonal sales through a complete loyalty and gift card management system.

Streamline your operations with kitchen automation and kitchen display systems

Squirrel and QSR ConnectSmart Kitchen provide Kitchen automation solutions that calm the kitchen, simplify work-flows, provide crucial operational data, and optimize off-premise demand.

Improve efficiencies and increase revenue with kitchen display systems

Squirrel and KitchenArmor partner to create a seamless experience from the front of the house, menu lookup and coursing to all areas of the kitchen. Fully certified to run QSR Automations ConnectSmart Kitchen, KitchenArmor can handle the pressure of any kitchen.

Other Squirrel Preferred Partners

The Entire Squirrel Partner Eco-system

Whatever the priority—adding a new delivery and take-out service, moving to a new accounting solution, bringing in an inventory control system, or implementing online ordering and self-serve kiosks—we are pre-integrated with the hospitality industry’s best.

Resources & Insights

Create Amazing Digital Experiences

A complete guide to the capabilities, requirements, and considerations involved in digitally transforming your restaurant.

Outperform Change

Whether it’s from regulation, market forces, or other factors, hospitality is feeling the effect of changing labor markets. Use technology to mitigate labor risk.

Mobile POS Profitability

Discover how mobile POS can unlock hidden potential on patios, in the dining room, or anywhere your guests need you. Free up staff and increase revenues.

Squirrel Insights

Learn about the trends in the industry. We look at how to create efficiencies, increase profitability, and the technologies that may help your restaurant grow to meet your vision.