Squirrel & QSR Automations

Integrated Kitchen Automation for your Squirrel Point-of-Sale

Squirrel is proud to be a long-time strategic partner of QSR Automations to provide kitchen display system when paired with QSR Automations Kitchen Automation solution.

Who is QSR Automations?

QSR Automations, headquartered in Louisville, KY with offices in the United Kingdom, is a global industry leader in kitchen automation and guest management services. Since 1996, restaurant operators have turned to the brand’s signature platform, ConnectSmart® for customized solutions to improve the guest experience and drive operational excellence.

Used in 21 of the nation’s top 25 casual dining chains, ConnectSmart® leverages data to create customized solutions that make calmer kitchens, simpler workflows, and happier guests. We didn’t just pioneer restaurant technology, we perfected it.

Why Squirrel & QSR Automations?

• Combined hospitality expertise in both Kitchen Automation Software and Point-of-Sale
• Direct Single Point of Support
• Dedicated Implementations Specialists

  • Authorized Value-Added Reseller of ConnectSmart Kitchen solutions

ConnectSmart Kitchen

Your kitchen is the powerhouse of your restaurant.  To keep it in top condition, you need smart, intuitive technology that helps you work smarter, not harder

• Routing and display options for every item and order
• Fully graphical displays
• Customizable and scalable features for any restaurant size
• 100% Redundancy; no single point of failure
• Off-premise information like vehicle type, pickup times and scheduled deliver times available in the kitchen

Calm Your Kitchen

Pacing features in ConnectSmart® Kitchen remove the chaotic guesswork from each step in your kitchen processes, with every order routed to perfection and guaranteed to reach tables at the optimal time.

Simplify Your Workflows

Powerful integrations between ConnectSmart® Kitchen, Host, and your Point-of-Sale provider eliminate waste and communication errors
between your stations. ConnectSmart® Kitchen keeps all sections of your restaurant conscious of one another, enabling smarter service overall.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

ConnectSmart® Kitchen doesn’t just help you on the job—robust performance features and customizable metrics help you dig deep into your restaurant’s performance, like average ticket times, speed-of-service and more. This data portrait enables you to identify chokepoints and bottlenecks in your operation so that you can improve them for actionable results, like higher revenue.

Maximize Off-Premise Demand

Balance walk-in and carryout traffic without one stream disrupting the other. Display order statuses on monitors for partners and pickup guests, all based on real-time kitchen efficiency. With real-time data flowing directly from the kitchen, you always provide guests with the most accurate quote times and statuses for their off-premise orders.

Create Happier Guests

Increases in efficiency help lower your ticket times and maintain your food quality standards all around, guaranteeing a premier guest experience every time. Furthermore, with automation on your side, you spend less time correcting mistakes or order details, allowing you to be present for your diners.