Squirrel POS Rated #1 For Hotels

Jun 19, 2019 | Insights, News

Hear why Canada’s Oldest Hotel Management Company Relies on Squirrel POS.

Download and review Grid Decisions most recent hotel technology leadership board report, and see why leading Hotels are choosing to move to Squirrel.

Squirrel is honored to have the Squirrel POS System placed in the Top 3 for the following categories:
  • Full Service POS (1st place)
  • Loyalty (1st place)
  • In-store kiosk (1st place)
  • Kitchen Management
  • With 30+ years of experience with operations like yours, our team can help you build your unique on the floor solution to make the most of your staff and delight guests. Download the paper now, and see how Squirrel point of sale systems rank against the rest.

    Want to learn more about what Squirrel POS system can offer your hospitality business? Request a demo with us today.


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