Customer Spotlight: Superior Shore Gaming – Navigating Challenges and Embracing Growth in the Gaming Industry

Mar 15, 2024 | Customer Spotlight

Case Study: Superior Shores Gaming’s Return to Growth with Squirrel Cloud POS

The global pandemic posed unprecedented challenges for businesses worldwide. Superior Shores Gaming Association, a charitable gaming center in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, supporting over 80 charities, not only survived the storm but also quickly resumed pre-pandemic operations once restrictions were lifted. This case study details their journey, the hurdles they encountered during the pandemic, and their decision to adopt Squirrel Cloud POS upon reopening.


Superior Shores Gaming Association, renowned for its diverse entertainment options, including 55 cabinet games and 262 seats for bingo, faced the harsh reality of closing the gaming centers during the pandemic. Gordon Begin, the Assistant Manager, and a gaming industry expert provided insights into the challenges and innovative initiatives that led to their remarkable recovery.

Challenges During the Pandemic:

Superior Shores Gaming launched a unique “bingo at home” offering in response to the closure due to pandemic-related restrictions. This initiative lets customers buy bingo books and participate in virtual gaming sessions streamed on YouTube, ensuring ongoing engagement and entertainment for their guests. They also showed adaptability during uncertain times by offering curbside services and pick-up options for food or bingo board games.

Recovery and Return to Normalcy:

Superior Shores Gaming recovered faster than expected, despite initial setbacks. Initially operating at half capacity due to restrictions, the center gradually resumed pre-COVID operations as restrictions eased. This recovery underscored the need for a reliable, user-friendly POS system that could meet the unique demands of the gaming environment.

Adoption of Squirrel Cloud POS:

The staff transitioned smoothly to the Squirrel Cloud POS system, finding it more reliable than their previous system, which ran on Apple iPads and crashed frequently. The Squirrel POS system proved stable and crash-free. The staff appreciated the enhanced reporting capabilities, which allowed them to record items given away as thank-you gifts – a feature their previous system lacked.

Benefits of Squirrel Cloud POS:

  • Ease of Use: The staff found the Squirrel POS system intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible to people of diverse ages and non-technical backgrounds.
  • Stability and Reliability: Unlike their previous system, which ran exclusively on Apple iPads, the Squirrel POS system was stable and reliable, eliminating the problems associated with frequent system crashes.
  • Improved Reporting: The new POS system provides superior reporting capabilities, enabling the recording of items given away as tokens of appreciation—a feature not available with their previous system.


The Superior Shores Gaming Association’s experience with the Squirrel POS system has been overwhelmingly positive. As their operation continues to thrive, their partnership with Squirrel remains a key part of their commitment to delivering an exceptional gaming experience to their guests.


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