Customer Spotlight: acquafarina

Jan 29, 2024 | Customer Spotlight

Michelin recommended fine-dining restaurant with Squirrel on their side.

Welcome to our Q&A Spotlight series, where we dive into real-world stories of full-service restaurants finding success with Squirrel POS. We were excited to have Oliver Bureau, Operations Director of the Social Corner Group, which operates the Michelin-recommended acquafarina and Per Se Social Corner, join us to share his experience with Squirrel POS and the success story behind acquafarina.

Location: Downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada
# of seats: 185 seats across the dining room, bar and covered patio.
Payment Partner: Moneris


Located at the northwest corner of the downtown intersection of West Georgia Street and Homer Street, acquafarina is an upscale Italian fine-dining restaurant recommended by the Michelin Guide. It provides a modern twist on classic Italian dishes, with each dish crafted with the finest and freshest ingredients available. Everything, from the bread to the pasta and cocktails, is prepared in-house. With consistently new and inspired menus, acquafarina guarantees the best experience for its guests.

Managing a bustling daily operation, Oliver Bureau, Operations Director, expresses, “Customer service from Squirrel is exceptional. Whenever we pick up the phone and call, there’s always someone at Squirrel capable of resolving issues.”

How would you describe your restaurant to someone who’s never visited acquafarina?
It’s Modern Italian where patrons can discover the art of Italian dining, reimagined for the modern palate.

How many revenue centers does the restaurant have? Do you have a bar, patio, lounge?
We have three revenue centers: patio, bar, and dining room. Additionally, we’re about to install a café for a coffee house on the terrace.

How did you come across Squirrel, and what were your initial thoughts about it?
When I joined the company, Squirrel was already in use at another restaurant, “Per Se Social Corner.” We decided to stick with one system for consistency and ease of use for the team.

How long have you been using Squirrel POS, and how’s the experience with Squirrel so far?
We’ve been using Squirrel POS for three years at acquafarina and seven years at Social Corner. The experience has been positive, with good support and reliable system performance.

What are some favorite features you like the most as a manager and server? What do your staff love most about Squirrel POS?
We appreciate how easy it is to change the menu screen and modify menu items. The staff values the system’s efficiency in managing orders.

Would you recommend Squirrel to other restaurants or colleagues?
I have recommended Squirrel to other restaurants, highlighting the excellent service and the responsiveness of the support team whenever issues arise. I would also emphasize the ease of use and the positive impact on operational efficiency.


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