How to do Contactless & Off-premise Payment.

Online payment, mobile, contactless.

The payment landscape was changing rapidly even before the COVID-19 outbreak and is accelerating now. Guest preference has been shifting to new payment methods such as Mobile or NFC for some time. With online ordering being a significant source of revenue, online payment is an obvious model. Some guests, however, will still need to pay at the point of pickup, and in those cases having the capability to accept payment in the most secure and sanitary fashion is required. Virtual Kiosks, Tap to pay mobile devices, and support for NFC payment are quickly becoming mandatory as the older swipe and sign payment process is not well suited to off-premise or contactless service.

We’ve seen customers succeed using a variety of approaches.

  • Online. Online payment is a method with low barriers to entry and paired with online ordering it allows guests to seamlessly move through the order and payment process securely and without contact. When setting up online payment capabilities it’s important to consider all the potential charges and menu items that need to be accounted for, such as modifiers and additions, as well as thinking about how guests can provide gratuities if appropriate.
  • Near premise payment or self-serve payment. This allows guests to pay for their order without entering the premise or without engaging with a payment device. Virtual kiosks using QR codes or other methods allow guests to order and pay quickly and efficiently using their own mobile device rather than an instore kiosk, presenting a credit card, or handling a payment device. The guest experience and workflow for this payment method can require establishments to re-work existing workflows and may have training requirements to ensure the guest experience meets your expectations.
  • Tap & NFC Mobile Payments. For many hospitality providers, Tap or mobile payment (pay by phone) such as (Apple Pay, Google Wallet) capabilities already exist onsite. While this approach still requires in-person interaction, the ability for the guest to simply Tap with a Chip enabled card or mobile phone is a significant improvement over Chip & Pin or the traditional swipe & sign method. Additionally, many payment terminals that accept Tap and mobile payments are available in Wi-Fi or cellular wireless options to support payment at curb-side pickup.

Each of these solutions requires some adjustment to business processes and service workflows, but in many cases payment is a component of the ordering process or tightly integrated with it. Supporting Tap & NFC payment is highly recommended as research has shown that guests are now much less comfortable with the older swipe and sign methods still widely in use in some regions.


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Changing how payments happen for a business can be stressful. At Squirrel, our integrated solutions can provide any of these capabilities while avoiding the drawbacks of standalone solutions. Our long-standing experience in EMV payment systems also means we can get you up and running quickly and with confidence. With some of our payment partners, we have developed a number of solutions that can be implemented with zero up-front cost.

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