Get in touch with one of our sales reps to tell us about your business—and your wish list for growth. We’d be happy to line up what’s best for you.

We begin with good listening, designing a tailored blend of devices and technology for your positive flow and growth today and in the future. The price of your unique POS system varies depending on the type and size of your business, how many terminals you need, and which features will add value to your guest experience. In addition to what’s always included—24/7 support, training, and the best warranty in the business—here are a few scenarios.

A fast-moving, 20-seat counter service restaurant with a large menu and data-hungry head office might need:

  • A simple, out-of-the-box POS that is instantly easy to use
  • Automated sales reporting to head office
  • 1-2 terminals

A fine dining establishment with high pedigree, a celebrity chef or a Michelin star might need:

  • Seamless communication with the hostesses, servers and kitchen staff
  • The ability for hosts to see table status—open, billed, waiting to be bussed—as well as the waitlist and incoming reservations
  • A kitchen display hooked into the POS and shared everywhere
  • Servers who can split checks, tables, and tips
  • 5 terminals—3 for servers, 1 for the bar, and 1 for the hostess area

A casino resort with 5,000 employees and $300M in revenue might need:

  • A fully-integrated POS for multiple outlet and revenue centers including restaurants, bars, cashiers and room service
  • Wired and wireless EMV payments
  • High security for over 500 staff members
  • Detailed reports including financial and operational information for workforce management, inventory control, and executive level decision making
  • 100+ terminals

We’d love to hear more about where your business is today—and how you’d like to grow. Tell us more about your business and we’ll draft a customized quote that’s just right for you.