Create an Amazing Digital Guest Experience

Do you need online ordering? Contactless payment? Better management of takeout and delivery orders?

Like many other Squirrel customers in today’s environment, you are probably looking forward to the future and planning how to optimize your business to succeed. We’d like to help you do just that.

Success now depends on going off-premise with mobile online ordering, attracting repeat customers with loyalty, and giving guests the convenience and safety of contactless payments.

We’ve recently helped many customers build capabilities in off-premise and low contact dining:

  1. Enhance takeout and delivery service with features like deferred ordering and omnichannel order management
  2. Implement online ordering and payments with POS integration
  3. Expand patio and floor operations with Mobility options
  4. Keep guests safer with contactless and mobile payment & ordering
  5. Maintain the relationship with Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards

Loyalty & Outreach

Loyalty programs help establish a direct relationship with your customers and create incentives for repeat business. A wide variety of strategies including Gift Cards, Loyalty points, incentives, and marketing programs can help you build a communication line to your guests.  

Online & Contactless Ordering

There are many ways to capture orders in a contactless fashion whether for take-out, curbside pickup, delivery or even on-premise.  

Contactless Payment

Guests are moving away from using cash, to using credit cards and mobile phones with NFC technology for “Tap to Pay”, or by paying directly on a website or a mobile app with their credit card. Consumers will prefer secure, clean and sanitary payment methods that don’t require (or have minimal) physical contact with a terminal. We can help determine which approach is right for you.  


Takeout doesn’t have to be complicated, but it can get complex particularly for multi-unit or multi-concept organizations. Things to consider include menu selection, packaging, printing labels, sanitization, and pickup location. 


The simplest way to get delivery up and running – 3rd party delivery services – are something you may have experience with already. The convenience is excellent, but it comes with some drawbacks. Learn how to integrate 3rd party or in-house delivery services efficiently.  


Solution Packages

Working with our preferred partners, Squirrel has developed a number of solutions that can be quickly implemented to help you build the expertise required to succeed in the contactless and off-premise dining world.

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