Squirrel Hotel Point of Sale System

A point-of-sale system trusted by the best hotel and resort enterprises.


Why Squirrel Point of Sale for Hotels and Resorts?

Streamline Hotel Outlet Operations and Maintain Consistent Guest Experiences

Squirrel hotel point of sale system fully integrates with over 25+ property management systems

Squirrel POS integrates with popular property management systems such as Oracle Opera, Springer Miller, Amadeus, Galaxy, and many more. Squirrel POS for hotels is designed to work in tandem with your PMS to extend complete control over functional needs complex large-scale enterprise hospitality and food and beverage operations.

Squirrel hotel POS has a deep feature set

A feature-rich hotel POS platform that is highly configurable to different service styles – quick service, fast casual, casual dining, fine dining, bar service, patio service, banquets, events – to promote operational efficiency that results in the best experience for the guest. 

Squirrel hotel and resort POS combines leading POS Software and Hardware

With Squirrel’s restaurant management system for hotels – you benefit from a highly flexible restaurant POS software that runs on sleek and secure POS hardware – built to keep up with the demands of hospitality environments.

Elevate the guest experience with fast and attentive service at hotel outlets 

Manage multi-outlet food and beverage operations from one Squirrel POS platform

Squirrel Hotel and Resort POS is a scalable platform. It can be customized to work seamlessly across diverse restaurant styles and sizes on one hotel or resort property and configured to ensure employees are focused solely on their areas of responsibility.

Take Orders from Anywhere on Your Property with Squirrel Mobility

Tableside ordering enabled through POS tablets keeps servers close to guests. It is great for patios, poolside service and larger hospitality service areas.  

Empower Guests with Self-Service Through Online Ordering

Squirrel Hotel Point of Sale System is Mobility-enabled, placing convenience to order food and beverages in the hands of your guest wherever they may be on your property, including in-room dining.

  • Mobile phone ordering for room service or tableside
  • Self-serve digital kiosk ordering
  • QR code menus with contactless payments

Versatile POS Software For Hotel and Resort F&B Operations

For All Enterprise F&B Outlet Sizes and Types

Squirrel’s hotel POS system is powered the highly flexible and versatile POS software – Squirrel 11

Squirrel 11 POS software is a perfect choice for hotels, resorts, universities, casinos, and other large hospitality enterprises of any size. We have built our reputation serving a variety of hospitality enterprises with multi-location, multi-concept restaurant and food and beverage operators.

With Squirrel Hotel POS for F&B, you have the power to control operational success with:

  • Greater revenue and cost insights using real-time reporting and analytics.
  • Maintain optimized stock levels with inventory management and beverage controls.
  • accurate labor forecasting with labor management

Fully Integrated Hotel POS Software

Squirrel Hotel POS is designed to serve as a productivity powerhouse, driving enterprise food and beverage operations with efficiency and enabling the best guest experience possible.

Through a secure and open API, Squirrel 11 seamlessly works with industry-renowned POS software integrations to support a wide range of vital functions in hospitality, such as:

  • Kitchen management system
  • Online ordering, Delivery, and Takeout
  • Loyalty apps and CRM
  • Tap pay or mobile payment processing
  • Tableside ordering and QR code menus
  • Reporting and analytics, inventory management, labor scheduling, and more…

Secure and Reliable POS Hardware for Enterprise Environments

Hospitality Grade POS Hardware

Hotel F&B outlets need to find the perfect harmony between the tough and swift workings of a kitchen, with the seamless undisturbed flow of front-of-house service.

Not all hotels and resorts may look the same, or even have as many restaurant/food and beverage facilities, but the need for robust, rugged, and reliable POS Hardware is shared by all.

All Squirrel POS hardware is:


  • built to withstand the rigorous demands of hospitality use,
  • Sleek and elegantly designed to compliment your brand and restaurant feel
  • capable of synchronizing kitchen and front of house workflow,
  • proven to create bankable efficiencies through quicker table turnover and increased check sizes using mobile solutions (tablet POS)

Have Your Pick of POS Hardware

Squirrel hotel POS hardware serves as a crucible for hospitality operational magic and harmony. A powerful platform that hosts and runs our high-functioning POS software.

With Squirrel Hotel and Resort POS hardware, you have options such as fixed POS terminals and Mobile POS systems with key peripherals such as Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), virtual ordering kiosks, cash drawers, receipt prints, and more.

Integrate Squirrel Hotel POS to Property Management Systems and Other Third-party Software

Integration Partner Ecosystem That Drives POS Functionality

We specialize in point-of-sale for hotels and resort properties. We understand the needs of small independent hotels all the way to hotel brands and hotel & resort property management groups – with multiple–concepts and revenue centers such as – restaurants, bar, patio, pool, café, and small retail outlets

Our hotel and resort integrations are deep and wide ranging, supporting up to 16 sales categories – including over 25 PMS Hospitality Systems, such as Oracle Opera, Springer Miller, Amadeus, Galaxy, and many more.

With Squirrel, the multiple food and beverage operations of your hospitality environment – whether you are a hotel, resort, Casino, University, or Stadium are powered by an Enterprise POS system – that delivers key solutions through a robust ecosystem of POS integration partners.

  • Access standard top-level and custom reporting to gain deep operational insight.
  • Manage and Optimize inventory to reduce costs.
  • Conveniently carry out real-time accounting and processing.
  • Make multi-outlet kitchens more efficient and fulfill orders quicker with kitchen display technology.
  • Stay on top of security with video surveillance integrations.

Industry Leading on-Demand Customer Support

We understand the pace of restaurant operations and fully commit to offering the best support through our self-service customer portal and live support team – keeping your service running the way your guests have come to expect it to.

  • Benefit from a highly responsive and experienced support team, available year-round, and around the clock to solve your POS technology issues
  • Automatically detect and self-resolve technical issues with Squirrel SmartWatch
  • Access an extensive knowledge library through our customer portal for easy, step-by-step self serve guides.

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