Top 4 Features to Prepare Your Staff for A Busy Summer Season

Jun 12, 2024 | Tips

During the summer, hospitality operators often see a surge in guests, necessitating efficient handling of seasonal staffing and turnover. Here are four useful features that will help your staff be more productive this summer:

Communications Center: Keep everyone in the Loop

The Communication Center is your digital hub, keeping management and staff connected. It ensures everyone stays in the loop with important messages at key points like login, cash out, and punch in/out times, with top features like:

  • Inform staff of important daily updates in the ‘message area’.
  • Assist staff in tracking inventory levels by displaying items being counted down with “Counted Item”.
  • Displayed ‘inhibited items’ to prevent service mix-ups by listing currently unavailable items for service.

Training Departments: Practice Makes Perfect

With Squirrel 11, we’ve introduced new ‘Copy Tools’ in Department Setup simplifying the setup for Training Departments and letting new staff practice transactions without messing with actual sales data. Here’s why it’s awesome:

  • Help new staff practice without messing up inventory, sales figures, or requisitions.
  • Use training labels for guidance, and mark practice checks and vouchers to avoid confusion.

Reactivate Deleted Employee

Managers can easily reactivate deleted employee records, making their lives easier when rehiring seasonal team members:

  • Keep staff profiles in historical data for consistent reporting and easy reactivation when rehiring.
  • Save time rehiring without creating new entries every time.

Train Your Staff with Ease

If you’re short on time for staff training, check out our Learning Management System (LMS) at the Squirrel Learning Cafe. It’s an easy online platform for new staff and managers to get up to speed, offering courses for both back-of-house and front-of-house roles, with a simple online registration via request form


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