Take-out & Curbside Pickup

Squirrel has been working with many restaurants to develop or improve take-out and curbside pickup capabilities. Whether you are a large multi-location operation or small independent restaurant, Squirrel can help make sure the shift results in a hassle-free and safe experience for both your staff and customers.

We’ve seen other customers rapidly transition to this service model, and we’ve compiled some suggestions and tips that we’ve seen work to help ensure the safety of guests and workers and to minimize costs.

Initially, setting yourself up might be as simple as taking orders over the phone, entering these into your restaurant’s POS, and sending orders to the kitchen using requisition printers that you have today.

That approach can work, but isn’t scalable and won’t provide your business with the volume desired. Restaurants taking orders from multiple channels such as online ordering and delivery services need to be able to consolidate from these sources and pass them to the kitchen, and then to be packaged for pickup or delivery.

Set-up your menu and get the right staff.

Keep your menus short to the items most appropriate for takeout. Not all dishes travel well and being short on staff, it’s essential to keep to the most profitable and takeout friendly options. Ensure also that cutlery packs, sauces, and napkins exist as an add-on to your menu. If you’re an existing Squirrel customer, you can use Departments in your PoS to manage your take-out menu. We have a short how-to to help out. or you can reach out to our solutions team and we can walk you through the process.

Focus your team’s efforts on supporting these new service models. Food inventory, purchasing, and premade inventory and processes all change.

Packaging is a key part of the guest experience.

When you have a flood of orders, it can be confusing to keep track of all the completed orders or those in progress. Consumers are also expecting packages to be clearly labeled and sanitary.

An essential function of the packaging is the identification of the contents and the destination.

Setup your printers to print automatically print labels that have customer details like:

  • Name & address
  • Order contents
  • Cutlery & condiment labels
  • List of contents for the bags if applicable

Payment & Pickup

For takeout business, it’s often ideal for customers to be able to pay for their orders at the same time as making it. If you haven’t already, look at the options for getting online ordering and payment setup. For payment in person, consumers are gravitating towards contactless payment forms, such as Tap to Pay, Virtual Kiosks, and NFC.

Communicating order status and readiness is important too. Notifications via text can be a useful way to update guests on the status of their orders.


Solution Packages

Squirrel and our partners have put together a variety of solution packages to help you get and running with optimizing your take-out capabilities. We have solutions to manage off premise orders and to implement an omnichannel ordering at no up-front cost.

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