From the world’s most celebrated restaurants and hotels to casinos, stadiums, and high-volume, cafeteria-style crowds, every hospitality business is unique. That’s why every POS system should be unique. Choose either Squirrel in a Box+ the get-started bundle designed, delivered, and packaged to fit and grow as your business grows—or Squirrel Professional, for large-scale volume, capacity, and operation from the get-go.

Squirrel in a Box+

The smart, adaptable point of sale for small to mid-sized businesses

With affordable bundles that include everything you need to run your operation more efficiently, Squirrel in a Box+ removes all the guesswork.

Choose hardware configurations for one to four terminals—with printers, a cash drawer, cabling, and more—and get started right away with software to manage your front of house and back office.

Designed for simplicity, Squirrel in a Box+ is easy to assemble, learn, and use.

  • Configure menus and centralize your database for a well-run front-of-house
  • Offer EMV-enabled payment processing for transactional security
  • Protect your data with anti-virus and firewall security
  • Run smoothly with 24/7 help desk support in your first year
  • Trust in our industrial strength hardware
  • Choose optional on-site installation and training, or learn the system in one day with our remote experts
  • Access our state-of-the-art Squirrel in a Box+ Learning Management System (LMS) to learn on your own schedule


Complete hospitality management for multi-unit operations + large enterprises

Squirrel Professional—a powerful point-of-sale that increases efficiency for multi-unit operations—choose the terminals, mobility, and payment processors to deliver a guest experience that matches your operational vision.

With Squirrel’s Corporate POS Manager, centrally manage the point of sale for multiple locations, with custom configurations, menus, and pricing. Consolidate sales and labor data across your entire business, and add on the world’s best third-party functionality for even more business impact from your POS.

  • Accommodate complex orders, promotions, and menus with a user-friendly graphic interface that equips servers to deliver a truly excellent guest experience
  • Manage your multi-unit enterprise from a central location
  • Operate on a variety of mobile platforms for ordering and payments
  • Offer wired or wireless EMV-enabled payment processing for transactional security
  • Ensure uninterrupted operation with the right security protocols and built-in redundancies
  • Encourage growth by easily scaling-up features and capacity


Squirrel’s high-performance POS hardware is sleek, industrial design that elevates your front-of-house to reliable excellence, every day. If you’re already down a path with certified equipment or mobile devices from third-party manufacturers, layer Squirrel’s software over what you already have. The choice is yours.


Squirrel’s WS10X terminal series gives you performance and reliability with beautiful easy-to-use design and a small footprint.

Add an impressive tactile element to your front-of-house with high-resolution 15” LCD touchscreens

Industrial strength that is built to last

Choose from Windows or Linux operating systems

Install your POS terminals as wall-mounted stations or custom counter inlays


Make your POS mobile with Windows, iOS, or Android devices. Mix and match the same functionality with fixed terminals for immediate productivity.

Take orders, edit menus on-the-fly, manage promotions, and send out staff communications by instant message—all on your mobile device

Integrate for wireless EMV payments that allow guests to pay at the table

Choose from the most rugged and efficient printers on the market, including thermal, impact, and wireless options

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