The benefits of integrating a Kitchen Display System with your POS

Mar 21, 2018 | Insights, Technology

If you haven’t integrated your POS with QSR Automation’s ConnectSmart Kitchen Systems, what are you waiting for?

A day in a kitchen without QSR Automation’s ConnectSmart Kitchen platform

It’s 6:30 pm on Friday evening and your restaurant, like a pot of pasta you leave on boil for too long, is overflowing with guests. People are waiting for up to 45 minutes for the next available table, the line at the door so long it starts to resemble a Disney Land ride.

Your chefs are hard at work, trying to keep their heads above water as the orders come fast and furious (not just a movie series that outstayed its welcome). The printer seemingly has a mind of its own, churning out orders so rapidly you think it has malfunctioned.

The chef responsible for ripping the orders off the printer and subsequently organizing them took his eye off the ball for a nanosecond, just enough time for a four-person order to fall to the floor. With the ongoing hysteria, nobody notices the fallen order.

Food, for obvious reasons, is taking longer than usual to hit the tables, and over 30 minutes evaporates before you come to the dreaded realization. You scramble to get a rush order out to the affected table but by then it’s too late. You have a famished, aggrieved family on your hands, the father of whom has 70,000 engaged Twitter followers. One impetuous, cynical tweet could push you over the edge, deep into crisis management mode.

That was, of course, a worst-case scenario and the most extreme example of why you should seriously consider implementing QSR Automation’s ConnectSmart to upgrade to a higher form of kitchen intelligence. There are innumerable other reasons, too.

How does QSR ConnectSmart Kitchen System work?

Instead of traditional paper and printers, ConnectSmart uses a kitchen display monitor at each station where meal prep takes place. Waiters and waitresses send orders through Squirrel’s POS and voila, the orders appear magically – and immediately – on the monitor displayed directly in front of the correlating kitchen station’s chef.

There are a number of exciting features that go with the system, and QSR Automations sums them nicely.

How does your kitchen benefit from a kitchen display system (KDS)?

By installing a kitchen display system like the ConnectSmart Kitchen System, you’ll be ahead of the ever-changing curve while making your chefs as happy as Larry, adding quality of life and joy to what can sometimes be a stressful job.

There are also a bevy of other benefits, including quicker ticket times, lower food costs, and a more efficient and seamless overall operation.

It’s 12:30 am and your kitchen has been scrubbed meticulously at the end of the chaotic night. While cleaning, one of your chefs happens upon the long-lost order. “If only we were using ConnectSmart, this whole situation could have been avoided,” he says to himself.

It’s also an environmentally friendly option, so you can feel good about saving hundreds, if not thousands, of trees each year. And I think we can all agree the environment needs as much help as it can get.


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