The Digital Restaurant: How Tableside Ordering Drives Profitability

May 29, 2018 | News

“‘Serving’ is not ‘running food’. Serving is being present to lead an experience.”

With increasing minimum wages and the competitive landscape, how can you squeeze more out of the customer experience without customers feeling squeezed? In this paper, we describe how Service Inspired Restaurants (SIR Corp.) focuses on bankable efficiency from tableside ordering to revitalize the role of servers, while finding new ways to cover the floor better.

Learn about:

  • The ways a mobile pos system can immediately improve your profitability and efficiency
  • How to capitalize on customer impulses, by having servers ready to lead the customer experience
  • The three easy steps to get started
  • With 30+ years of experience with operations like yours, our team can help you build your unique on the floor solution to make the most of your staff and delight guests.

    With Squirrel, get it done.

    Go beyond cutbacks in the shift to increased minimum wages. Learn how tableside ordering can increase table turnover 31% and reduce server time by 36%. Download our informative paper now, and learn how mobility is the key to bankable efficiencies for your restaurants pos system.