Squirrel Systems Announces New Portfolio of Order-and-Pay Solutions for Full-Service Restaurants

Mar 11, 2024 | News

Squirrel Systems Announces New Portfolio of Order-and-Pay Solutions for Full-Service Restaurants

Squirrel unveils a new portfolio of Order-and-Pay Solutions to enhance the tableside ordering experience for full-service restaurants.

Squirrel Systems, a leading technology provider to the hospitality industry, announced a new portfolio of order-and-pay solutions. Squirrel’s industry-leading tableside ordering technology has powered some of the best full-service operators like SIR Corp, Cactus Club Cafe, Hal Smith Restaurant Group, and Giordano’s since 2018.

What started as a technology to deliver a better guest experience has become a way to operate the front of the house more efficiently amid rising labor and food costs while increasing table turns and average cheque sizes. Putting a device that now combines both ordering and payments in the hands of the server is a natural evolution of the tableside ordering experience. Servers no longer need the hassle of handling multiple devices, and guests can take advantage of a convenient and paperless payment experience.

Most order-and-pay solutions on the market today need more flexibility and sophistication to work in full-service restaurant environments. Squirrel is proud to introduce two new order-and-pay device solutionsspecifically built to meet full-service restaurants’ unique needs.

Flexibility to Match Service Style: Working with our partners, Squirrel offers operators the best choices for order-and-pay solutions. A smaller 6” form factor best suits more casual table service environments that value speed and simplicity. Busy restaurant brands that operate at scale offering table-side ordering and payment may prefer a 8” wide-screen iPad solution with integrated payment.  In addition to these new devices, Squirrel continues to offer its original combination of tablet-based tableside ordering and wireless pin-pad pay-at-table devices that provide the best dedicated ordering and payment experiences.

Enhanced Guest Experience and Efficiency: Squirrel’s order-and-pay solutions provide a safe and enhanced guest experience with instant bill management, reduced touchpoints, and quick bill production. Operators can also go paperless and printer-free with e-billing or electronic checks and receipts.

Squirrel’s order-and-pay solutions are available for use with Squirrel Cloud Full-service Restaurant Edition and Squirrel 11.

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