The EMV Leap: Part 3

Dec 18, 2017 | Insights

Squirrel has deployed EMV solutions in Canadian and international markets since 2010. The conversation we imagine in our EMV Insight series is one we’ve had hundreds of times over with executives like you — and we’ve helped guide countless organizations, big and small, through to the other side. As the same change gains ground in the United States, we are your ideal staging partner — we know EMV capability, security, and payment flow like no one else. With Squirrel, achieve operational excellence and ease for staff, guests, and owners alike.

“Walk me through this. How do we get from today to tomorrow without disrupting business?”

First, make a sideways shift onto the right infrastructure.

Begin with the basics. Move to EMV on tethered devices to address the liability shift. Regardless of your payment gateway provider, make the sideways transition onto a platform that accommodates new devices while keeping your payment flow familiar for staff & customers.

Once this shift is made, your next phase is to leverage the infrastructure to explore new on-the-floor mobile options with staff. Scale up and introduce mobile coverage on the floor with fully-featured wireless pay-at-the-table devices. Do it now not only because it’s more secure, but because never losing sight of their credit card will become the norm expected by customers. As long as you choose a flexible platform, making the shift to EMV is not an either/or proposition.

It’s a spectrum. Be gradual. Test and train as you go. Give everyone the chance to get used to it, at every step.

Now that you’ve really expanded the payment experience at your operation—staff and guests are on-board, and the system is flowing well—go a step further to impress guests with a more interesting, innovative experience.

Offer tap-to-pay, ApplePay, and Android Pay. Start to experiment with what customers love most—tableside ordering straight to the grill, and an added-value, engaging payment flow that speeds service.


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