Be Effectient At Table Management With ConnectSmart Kitchen POS Integration

Dec 18, 2017 | Insights

“We would be far less efficient without our QSR table management system through Squirrel … we can communicate to the front door, and it does a lot of other things that a pen and whiteboard never can. It’s taken our business to a whole different level.” —Kevin Mattice, CRAFT Beer Market

Table management has never been easier with Squirrel POS

Squirrel and QSR Automations partner to open up every corner of your operation to better hosting and better business.

Avoid lost reservations, use and arrange tables for optimal capacity, and orient your attention to delivering the best possible service. With Squirrel-integrated ConnectSmart Kitchen through QSR Automations, manage tables, waitlists, and reservations using a customizable and intuitive graphic user interface, and greet and seat parties or update table status from anywhere in your restaurant.

  • Manage tables from your POS terminals, back office PC, Windows-based tablets, or an Apple iPad
  • Let your guests know via text message when tables are ready
  • Track wait times and capture dynamic information to spot patterns and opportunities for better on-the-floor efficiency
  • Control ‘blackout’ periods for busy times of the week or special events
  • Automatically move reservations to your waitlist before the scheduled booking
  • Sync data automatically across all devices, for better service and front-of-house management from anywhere

See your table management system in-action

We’d love to walk you through a day in the life of your operation with ConnectSmart Kitchen.

Call 1-800-388-6824 to request a demo.


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