Leverage Squirrel POS to Create Labor Efficiency

Sep 29, 2021 | Insights, Technology

One of the challenges facing the Hospitality industry at current is the availability and cost of labor.

When it comes to feeling the impact of rising wages, whether driven by demand or by regulation, much of it falls on the food and hospitality industry. With the expected forecast of financial stress, some see only one path: raise prices, cut service, and other reactive changes. In this Whitepaper, we’ll show you how to increase guest satisfaction to capture higher efficiency and profitability.

Learn about:

  • The best ways to capitalize on efficiency opportunities through mobility
  • How to improve table turnover, orders per table, and guest satisfaction
  • How tableside ordering will help you retain your best staff

Learn how a mobile pos system can create efficiencies across the board while helping you retain your best servers.

With 30+ years of experience with operations like yours, our team can help you build your unique on-the-floor solution to make the most of your staff and delight guests.

With Squirrel, get it done.