The EMV Leap: Part 4

Dec 18, 2017 | Insights

Squirrel has deployed EMV solutions in Canadian and international markets since 2010. The conversation we imagine in our EMV Insight series is one we’ve had hundreds of times over with executives like you — and we’ve helped guide countless organizations, big and small, through to the other side. As the same change gains ground in the United States, we are your ideal staging partner — we know EMV capability, security, and payment flow like no one else. With Squirrel, achieve operational excellence and ease for staff, guests, and owners alike.

Your shift to EMV should be a spectrum of potential and possibility, with a platform that fits your needs—rather than requiring your business to fit EMV. Look for a platform that offers a variety of mix-and-match EMV payment devices: tethered (wired) devices with pre-authorization functionality; wireless pay at the table solutions with chip and signature or chip and PIN; contactless payments such as Apple or Android Pay; and options for purchase or rental.

Gateway flexibility

Your POS system should be certified agnostic (able to connect to any number of payment gateways you prefer). One gateway with multiple payment processors allows you to ‘shop’ processing fees, and there should be no impact to your POS integration should you decide to switch processors for lower transaction costs. Also, look for gift card integration and a good reporting system.

Significantly reduce PCI scope

The most comprehensive platform will have architected a semi-integrated EMV solution to protect card data. These days—especially with fraud and hacking liability shifting to your business—there’s no need for your POS system to either transmit or store payment card data onsite. And that’s good news. When you select a POS partner, check that no sensitive credit card data is passed between the payment processor and your point-of-sale system. Let your gateway provider assist you with PCI validation, using secure PCI certified processor pin pads.

Don’t just submit to liability pressure. Stage innovation with Squirrel.

Internationally, it’s been 17 years. In Canada, chip-and-pin payments have been standard since 2011. At Squirrel, we’ve led enterprises through it since the beginning. We understand what this shift means to your front-of-house on a daily basis. We understand the intricacies of high-volume operations. And we know how to get through it to a better way.

Imagine no more staff tethered to terminals. Imagine no more running back and forth to tables. And imagine IT teams freed up to innovate rather than spending all that talent on PCI compliance or breach-prevention. By bringing EMV payments to guests, change the flow of your business—and not just payment flow. On the floor, deliver better experiences. For everyone.

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