The EMV Leap: Part 1

Dec 18, 2017 | Insights

Squirrel has deployed EMV solutions in Canadian and international markets since 2010. The conversation we imagine in our EMV Insight series is one we’ve had hundreds of times over with executives like you — and we’ve helped guide countless organizations, big and small, through to the other side. As the same change gains ground in the United States, we are your ideal staging partner — we know EMV capability, security, and payment flow like no one else. With Squirrel, achieve operational excellence and ease for staff, guests, and owners alike.

“We don’t want to go EMV under pressure. We’d rather do it today, and know our business is secure. But it still feels like too much change…”

We understand. We’ve been there.

But there’s another side.

Regions and nations elsewhere made the shift to EMV payments — the global standard for chip-based debit and credit card transactions — years ago. As regulations around data and liability tighten in the US to shift the liability of fraud onto businesses, service enterprises rightly see the EMV question as not an ‘if’, but a ‘when’. Will you make the transition on your own terms, creating as much advantage as possible, or will you wait and scramble?

The infrastructural anxiety of looming EMV blankets the whole industry. Restaurants, hotels, franchises, and stadiums of all sizes wring their hands at the prospect of changing the flow of how customers pay, and rightly so — getting paid for delivering value is every business’s reason for being. There’s no room to rethink or misstep when the ease, reliability, and trust of your guest experience is on the line.

“We experiment with menus, inventory, training — but not with the flow of transactions. Right now, I don’t see enough of an upside.”

So don’t experiment. Be decisive. Consider the gains.

Move towards change with a partner who knows exactly how to get you to the other side — to an EMV-powered payment flow that makes sense, keeps up with guest expectations, and delivers the security, flexibility, and choices of progressive payments.

Save money by making a huge step forward in security

Driven by Canada’s EMV surge in 2010, Squirrel architected a payment solution that entirely avoids exposure to ‘toxic’ payment data at the POS terminal. With your customers’ card data handled by external payment processor devices, there’s nothing to compromise on the POS system — including your brand. With this degree of common sense security, reduce the risk attached to the malware, hacking, fraud, and disputes of payments in the digital age.

Delight customers with speed and connectivity

Within a few quarters, the restaurant next door will have tableside ordering on tablets and no lineups. This is the inevitable shift — it’s not just about compliance, but capability. In short order, consumers will catch on to the speed and convenience of secure tableside payments. They’ll expect to pay without their credit card leaving their table, and that expectation will only continue to evolve forward. Service enterprises will want to be first on the map.

Design your payment flow on your own terms

With the right provider, moving to EMV payments isn’t an either-or transition. At Squirrel, we’ve designed your POS infrastructure to connect to an array of payment choices — make a gradual culture shift with staff and guests, going on your own timeline from tethered payments to exciting new features such as Apple Pay, pay at the table or pay at the door, or device-signing.

Keep innovating to move your guest experience forward

This sophisticated shift isn’t just a matter of choosing a product or a platform. Choose customizable software, hardware, and services with a guide who has years of experience mitigating risk, troubleshooting, and keeping the payment engine of your business running smoothly. With Squirrel, incorporate the payment processors, gateways, and transaction flow that works best—and when you’re ready, extend for a guest experience that’s not just a risk mitigation, but an appealing new advantage.

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