3 Reasons Why Restaurants Love Tableside Ordering with Squirrel 11 – Less Time Walking, More Time with Guests

Apr 23, 2024 | Insights, Product

With tableside ordering, servers will spend less time running between tables and the kitchen and spend more time attending to guests. Many restaurants have taken advantage of tableside ordering with Squirrel Mobility for their operations to enhance the experience for guests and staff. Here are 3 reasons why restaurants love tableside ordering in Squirrel 11.

1. Less Walking, Happier Staff – Server flexibility to choose the nearest printer on-the-fly

Before Squirrel 11, managers had to manually assign the nearest check printer to each server’s mobile tablet daily. With Squirrel 11, servers can use the ChkRoute function to manage the check printer from any terminal or iPad they’re using. They can easily pick the nearest check printer at any time, no matter where they are in the restaurant. This not only saves time, but also reduces physical effort for servers, especially in restaurants with multiple floors. To change printers, simply touch the “ChkRoute” button (which is named after the terminal’s current check printer) and select the printer you want to switch to.

2. Faster Service, Happier Guests with Send and Stay

With the Send and Stay feature, servers can ring in a drink order first, send it to the bar, and immediately continue with the appetizer and entree orders while the bar prepares the drinks. This is all done without having to log back in or select the table or check again.

As patio season approaches, drinks are usually a top seller. This is an ideal way to impress the guests and expedite their drink orders while they place their food orders.

3. Answer questions and upsell more with the Recipe function

Put images of food or drink at the server’s fingertips to quickly address any questions your guests may have about an item. You can reduce the training time and improve guest experience with the Recipe function, where your staff can quickly see and talk about the ingredients, allergen warnings, and item presentation.

Many restaurants also love this function to see upsell opportunities at a glance, increasing the likelihood of customers ordering more when they see it in a picture.

Want to learn more? Watch this webinar, Why Upgrade to Squirrel 11 to get a tour of more features that will help enhance the guest experience and streamline operations.


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