In the mid-1980s, we were the first in the world to offer a touchscreen point-of-sale system. We were the first to build on an open architecture, and the first to meet the challenge of EMV compliance. We were the first truly multi-platform system, giving our world-class customers the choice to bring iOS, Android, or Windows devices onto the floor.

We haven’t lasted 33 years because we’re legacy. We’ve lasted 33 years because we never stop moving, learning, and innovating. The more established you are—like a world-class restaurant—the harder you work to stay at the top. Ours is one of the most scalable, customizable, and reliable platforms in the world. Yet we’re still hungry. Just like you. And there are many more firsts to come.

We elevate your guest experience by giving you everything you need for better flow.

Our customers up their game in ways that are critical, but indirect. The best of how your operation runs is in all your guests don’t notice. When the floor is running smoothly, there are no lineups, forgotten orders, harried staff, or long waits for the bill. Your guests won’t ‘see’ Squirrel. They will only see each other—good company, lively conversation, and great food. With less service lapses—this is what happens when you are set up for a brilliant and consistent feeling of flow—your guests only notice the best.

Squirrel is your operation on its best day, every day.


When your servers interact with our point of sale software, it should be easy and seamless. No glitches, no hesitation. The moment payment changes hands—capping off a terrific evening or conversation for your guests—it’s got to be fast and accurate.


Don’t just expedite the grill. You work hard. We work hard to make everything easier. Menu changes. Ordering. The kitchen display. Marching orders for the cooks. Staffing levels. Special offers for your best customers. It’s all connected to your restaurant pos, and it all feeds success.


When you need us, a friendly, knowledgeable, real-live Squirrel technologist will answer the phone. We listen, respond fast, and know better than anyone what it’s like day-to-day in this business. We’re here for your success, and we’re proud to be.


At any given moment, managers should be able to visualize and quantify your flow of people, payments, and technology—and see opportunities to make it better. Useful, clear reports are the map to growth. We bring the insight and know-how to help grow your business.



Squirrel launches with the first-ever point of sale touchscreen for the hospitality industry—then, with the world's first all-in-one cash register terminal.


Squirrel transitions to space-saving technology with the first all-in-one flat screen. A Canada Post stamp celebrates its industrial design excellence, and we release the first restaurant POS software built on the Microsoft SQL database platform.


Squirrel is the first POS company to use the real time Microsoft SQL 2005 database. We introduce Pay at the Table with Ingenico in Canada, launch the simplified Squirrel In-A-Box, and receive Epson's Envision Award for Innovation.


Squirrel Professional launches for large enterprises, and Squirrel Mobility is the first with multi-platform mobile support for iOS, Android, and Windows. We team up with industry-leading QSR Automations to connect restaurant point of sale systems to kitchen displays, and we are certified to lead US enterprises in the transition to EMV payments.


“We take steps to innovate on a daily basis, staying relevant by always moving and adapting. 30+ years of leadership is extraordinary in the tech space. We work hard to inject new ideas, a daily changing-of-the-air and a take nothing for granted attitude. That’s what gives us our energy.”

— Jason Leeson, President

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