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What does this mean?

Your system will continue to function after January 14, however, if you are running Windows 7 Microsoft will no longer be providing critical security updates. If you are not receiving critical software updates to your POS system you leave your operation at increased risk of security or data breaches that could affect your operations or put you in non-compliance with PCI.

How do I know if I am running Windows 7?

Your Squirrel POS system will consist of both back office server and terminal hardware. Some or all of your hardware may still be running Windows 7. If you are running WS10, WS9, WS8 terminals you will likely still be on Windows 7. You can also check the Windows version by following the instructions here.

What are the risks of not upgrading the OS?

Your system will gradually grow more vulnerable to cyberattacks or malware that could put your data, and your customer’s data at risk.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council requires all merchants processing cardholder data to use systems that are patched and supported by their respective vendors. Non-EMV merchants, still using an unsupported Operating System must update immediately.

What are my upgrade options?

Upgrade your back office server
The easiest and most cost effective way to upgrade is to update your back office server. This is the most important part of your POS system as it contains your customer and sales data, and in many cases is connected to the internet. Most server hardware that is still on Win7 will need to be replaced, while some models may be able to be upgraded. We can determine if the server hardware can be upgraded to Windows and guide you through the process.

Upgrade your POS terminals
Terminals that are still running on Win7 (or earlier) have been operating between 5-10 years. Most of these terminals don’t meet Microsoft’s minimum hardware requirements to run a modern version of Windows (eg. Windows 10) let alone provide the level of reliability and performance required in a restaurant environment. This is similar to your experience with desktop or laptop PC. In this case your best bet is to consider upgrading to new hardware that supports the latest version of Windows.

Why you should consider upgrading to new POS hardware and Software?
Guest Experience – Elevate the guest experience by installing sleeker, low profile terminals or deploying table-side ordering via tablets. With a combination of terminals and table-side ordering devices your servers can spend more time with guests. You will also be able to upgrade to the latest version of Squirrel software that provides hundreds of new features.

Save Money
New hardware terminals are not only more powerful to run more features, but they have lower power consumption and will be less susceptible to hardware failure or software crashes due to age.

Increased Security
Finally, by upgrading to the latest POS hardware with Windows operating system, and deploying an EMV payment solution you can be assured to having the most secure, robust POS solution that minimizes the risk of security or data breaches that can cost you customers or exposure.

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