Upgrade to WS10X Series
Upgrade now to Squirrel’s state of the art WS10X models and, for a limited time, receive a $100 trade in discount per unit. In addition to the trade in discount and the terminal printer bundle promotion that is available, upgrading will provide a savings in year 1 support contract costs due to the WS10X warranty period.

Beyond the cost savings realize the benefits of features like:

    • Sleek, modern look – fits seamlessly with any decor, featuring a flat bezel-less design ensures clean surfaces

    • Faster performance – quicker movement, faster processing that helps increase server efficiencies

    • Lower power consumption – aves energy and runs more quietly (depending on your specific model).

    • Two models depending on your needs – Windows-based workstations and Linux-based client workstations

Download the WS10X series product information guide here and call 1.800.388.6824 for more information or contact your Squirrel representative to build a personalized upgrade quote.

Interested in upgrading all of your terminals?
Fall 2018 marks the release of a new terminal design, the WS140H.

    • Enterprise grade – Quad Core ARM processors and damage-resistant PCAP glass, built to last in fast-paced restaurant environments

    • Flexible positioning – allow them to fit seamlessly into any environment

    • Linux based OS – lighter-weight, low maintenance and resilient to security attacks

    • 14″ widescreen – ample screen space and reduced height encourages more guest interactions

    • 16×9 aspect ratio – tablet-style appearance takes a restaurant’s presentation to the next level

The WS140H is a sleek widescreen terminal, which is specially designed to blend into any décor and is a welcome addition to stand alongside all other Squirrel hardware options.

For more details, or to be first in line to upgrade your restaurant, register now.

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