In 1984, Squirrel revolutionized the hospitality industry by developing the first touchscreen restaurant POS system. This pioneering spirit continues to drive the Squirrel team as we develop and provide turnkey technology and service solutions for restaurants, hotels, bars, and other foodservice operators.


SquirrelCRM v 3.0 – New Features Guide

SquirrelCRM v 2.0 Gift Card Standalone and Enterprise User Guide

Squirrel CRM MAG card encoding spec


Squirrel Mobility Installation Guide

Ubiquiti UniFi-AP-AC PRO Setup Guide


QSR Power Requirements

QSR Cabling and Wiring

QSR QBracket Instructions Oct2011

eXpertController SpecSheet

QSR Pole Mount Specifications

Expo Training Outline

Line Cook Training Outline

Squirrel in a Box +

Squirrel in a Box+ Welcome Guide

Squirrel in a Box+ Power Cabling Diagram

Squirrel Systems Food Entry Spreadsheet

Squirrel Systems Liquor Entry Spreadsheet

New SIAB+ System Programming Form

Squirrel-in-a-Box+ – Training Checklist

Customer Sign Off Sheet

Squirrel in a Box + New Features

SIAB10.2 Solution Brief

Solution Brief Squirrel in a Box 9.1

Squirrel Professional

Pre Installaion Requirements

Cabling and Power Specifications Guide

Squirrel Network Best Practices

Squirrel Systems Liquor Entry Spreadsheet

Squirrel Systems Food Entry Spreadsheet

New System Programming Form Squirrel Systems

Squirrel Professional – New Features

Squirrel One to Squirrel Professional 8 Upgrade

Product Sheet Upgrade to Squirrel Professional 9.0

Product Sheet Upgrade Squirrel Professional 9.1

Squirrel Professional 10.1 Release Notes

Squirrel Professional 10.2 Solutions-Brief

Squirrel Professional 11.0 Solution Brief April 2019

Remote Browser

Remote Browser Installation Guide

Squirrel Training

Manager Training Outline

Staff Training Outline

Add on Manager Training Outline

System Availability Manager (SAM)

System Availability Manager SAM V2

Virtual Machine

Squirrel Virtualized Environment Solution Brief

Windows 10 Installation Guide for Squirrel Professional

Windows Server 2016 Installation Guide


Hotel Interface Configuration Guide