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Community & Industry Resources and Programs

Many of the National and State/Province Restaurant Associations are maintaining a resource center for their members. If you don’t see your association listed, check their website, it’s likely they have programs to assist.

National Restaurant Association (USA)

The National Restaurant Association in the United States is maintaining a resource center for the industry. is a grassroots program designed to help restaurants, bars, and other hospitality establishments by giving a centralized place for consumers to see what restaurants are participating via Dining Bonds. Dining Bonds are essentially gift cards sold at a suggested price of 25% less than face value, but redeemable at face value upon dining at the restaurant. The transaction takes place on between the restaurant and consumer, is primarily an aggregator of what locations globally are participating.

BC Restaurant & Foodservice Association (BC, Canada)

The BCRFA is maintaining a resource page and partnering with to offer small business members a menu page online.